L&T Hydraulics manufactures and supports a wide range of High Pressure Hydraulic Products, Hydrostatic Transmissions and customized hydraulic systems.

The facility consists of two manufacturing plants:

  • Plant 1 for manufacturing wide range of Hydraulic Cylinders & Swivel/Rotary Joints
  • Plant 2 for manufacturing wide range High Torque Low Speed Motors, Radial Piston Pumps, Track & Swing Drives and Customized Hydraulic Systems

Plant 1 comprises:

Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing Unit :

  • The Rod Piston Line includes CNC Induction Hardening, Robotic Welding, Friction Welding, UT Station, CNC turning, Super finishing, and Cylindrical grinding machines. Hard Chrome plating for the rods is performed at our dedicated supplier's plant near our facility, under stringent guidelines and close supervision from our Quality & Audit teams.
  • The Barrel Line consists of Robotic Welding, UT Station, Skiving, Roller Burnishing, Honing, and CNC turning centers.
  • The Assembly & Testing Station encompasses automated assembly lines, a high-pressure testing area, washing and torquing systems with recorders. It also includes validation test benches for routine tests with SCADA recording for traceability, and an auto painting station.

Swivel/Rotary Joint Manufacturing Unit :

  • The Rotor and Shaft Lines consist of CNC turning and machining centers, grinding machines, and washing stations.
  • The Assembly and Testing area are for performing routine tests with SCADA recording for traceability.

The above units are built based on Lean Manufacturing principles.

Plant 2 comprises:

Hydraulic Motor, Pump and Drives Manufacturing Unit :

  • It consists of CNC machining centers, turning centers, super finishing machines like grinding, honing & lapping, along with Heat Treatment and component washing facility.
  • The Assembly and Testing area is for performing routine tests with SCADA recording for traceability.

Hydraulic Power Pack Manufacturing Unit :

  • It consists of an Assembly Integration area with built-in Testing Stations and Material handling facilities.